General Data Protection Regulations

At Freeing Minds Hypnotherapy we dedicate ourselves in keeping all clients private information safe and secure. all our data collected is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Any private information collected through one to one interviews or consultations are kept protected on a double pass-worded safe computer and any paperwork collected is safely put in a storage file with TWO locks securing all information. 

also in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations, any other devices used such as tablets or smart phones all have double locked password access at all times.  

All private information collected from clients is used to help any therapy process, information collected can help the Therapist to gather up relevant information to help for a therapeutic outcome for the client or if the therapist feels in anyway he/she is incompetent to treat client the therapist will refer client on.  (as stated in our code of conduct)

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