Testimonials from our previous clients:


I smoked cigarettes for over 12 years. When someone told me about Hypnosis, i thought it was nonsense. However, Dylan changed everything and convinced me to try. It was 4 months ago.  Since then i  haven't had a cigarette. 

Thanks Dylan for changing my life.


Karol: London

I have been suffering from
Anxiety for a long time and after my 1st session I felt amazing for the first time in many years I felt like I was getting my confidence back I had another session and again I felt like a massive weight had come off my shoulders it really taught me how to relax and control my fears .. Freeing Minds is amazing they really make you feel comfortable and totally at ease would highly recommend them to anyone. 
Lorraine: Surrey
Eating Habits 
I went to see Dylan for some help to tackle my issue of over eating and craving for fast foods, such as Mcdonalds, pizza and Chinese. I had been through a difficult year, previous to this and found myself turning to these foods for comforts. I had tried everything from limiting myself and dieting but couldn't crack the habit.
Dylan took the time to listen to me, also putting me at ease about the process. As I was slightly nervous.
 Once the session had finished, I felt refreshed, relaxed and motivated. Weeks after the effects were noticeable.
I was managing to overcome the cravings and some days not have any cravings at all. I'm starting to feel more in control. 
Bird phobia (Ornithophobia)
Since my childhood I have had a fear of birds, whether bi or small, if there was a bird near me I would feel the need to run. I went to Dylan in need of help with this fear, as it was effecting me within my job.
Dylan's client focused attitude and understand, really helped me to relax.  Once the session was over I felt relaxed, reflective and happy. The following weeks after I noticed great difference in my reactions to birds around me.
Thank you so much Dylan.  
Lizzie: West London
Smoking and alcoholic beverages go hand in hand, right? 
With the help of Dylan, and his 'No smoking therapy' I have so far succeeded many Christmas dos without even the thought of having to go out in the cold for that cigarette. People saying, "Come on lets go for a cigarette" And I actually just find myself saying, "no thanks, I don't want one" What an embracing feeling that is.  I am feeling very proud of myself thanks to the professionalism and support of Dylan, and for that , I thank you very much. I couldn't of have completed this journey without your help. 
Anne: Surrey 

After suffering with anxiety and fears for years I went to Dylan for help, I had heard others get amazing results from Hypnotherapy and was praying it would help me. I can’t tell you how relaxed and uplifted I felt after some amazing sessions, I have my anxiety and fear under control now and I no longer let it rule my life. I can’t wait to go back and have some more sessions to feel even more amazing. 

Thank you Dylan


Katie: West London

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Weight loss testimonial from an anonymous client 

A client who suffered with Agoraphobia

(Fear of open spaces)

Months ago I was diagnosed with agoraphobia after loosing my father almost 3 years ago, I also suffered with panic attacks for 16 years. A very good friend told me to give Dylan a call as he’ll be able to help me. I wasn’t sure and thought about it for a few weeks. By that stage my agoraphobia had made me house bound. I could only go out accompanied by my husband or close friends. I felt my life was finished. I got in contact with Dylan, we had a chat, Dylan was so nice, understanding and had a calming approach which in turn made me feel relaxed and I trusted him instantly. Im not going to lie I was a little sceptical but was prepared to give hypnosis a try. 
Well, I’ve just had my 3rd session and I honestly cannot thank Dylan enough for helping me transform my life. I genuinely have no idea what he’s done or how he’s done it, but my confidence levels are now through he roof and my life has changed for the better. I can’t stay in anymore I want to go out all the time, I walk on my own, I ride my bike, something has just clicked... everyone around me has noticed a change in my personality, I seem to be glowing, I feel happy and don’t take life too seriously now. Thank you so much Dylan from the bottom of my heart, you have changed my life in a way I never thought would be possible.

Fay: West London

Stop smoking client

I have smoked on and off (mainly on!) for over 30 years and decided to try Hypnotherapy. Dylan was recommended to me by a friend and was easy to deal with from the start. Everything I did used to begin or end with a cigarette and I couldn't have anticipated when I lit up shortly before my session how different I would feel at the end. Dylan explained everything to me and made me feel completely at ease throughout. At the end of the session, I didn't reach for a cigarette as I would usually have done, instead I took a deep breathe, walked to my car and drove home. I instantly felt different, completely in control. I went out to celebrate with a couple of glasses of wine, always a trigger point previously but nothing. Not a single craving. That was four weeks ago and I haven't smoked since. In fact, I feel like I've never smoked before! I feel motivated, healthier, am sleeping better, have joined the gym and more than covered the cost of the session. I really can't recommend Dylan enough, thank you for giving me my life back!

Tracey: London

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